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We study to make decision

Ability to make decision - this is a difference that differ the dreaming man and operating man.

As much people, having a good capable idea, so not proceeded to it realization only because afraided to accept necessary decisions. Or accepted those decisions that farther more appeared wrong.

Ability to make decision - this is important

In order to do not fill up the rows of such indecisive and improvident subjects, we will consider, what difficulties and pitfalls expect us at making decision.


Indecision at making decision arises because of a man thinking over all course of performance of objective, concentrates his attention on the supposed difficulties, quite not taking into account here all present in his order knowledge, abilities and instruments for their overcoming. It is the result that at 90 percents a people’s brain is programmed on a negative (why it so, read here).

Concentrate not on difficulties, but on the methods of their overcoming. Begin to operate. Mainly: shut out a situation, when one argument «against», from ten «for», results in complete refusal from the attempts of overcoming of obstacle (especially in area of the personal finances).

Rightness made decision

Everybody accepts the great number of decisions every day. But practically all of them - routine, id est so usual, that is accepted without deliberation. However in business every decision requires a careful comprehension, because the once accepted wrong decision can cripple such financial damage to business, that will compensate it very difficult.

Fortunately, acceptance of correct decisions this is not an innate gift, this acquired ability, such ability that is based on intuition in a great deal.

In order to learn to make decision that would be correct, hold to next recommendations:
          Firstly: before the acceptance of important decision collect and analyse all present information. And after careful deliberation – look aside. Allow to your subconsciousness and intuition to do some work for you. You will see - that a decision will come in itself. And in most cases it will turn out faithful.
          Secondly: analyse an aim, for the sake of achievement of that you accept that or another decision. At a decision-making first of all direct a primary purpose’s attention, and only then - on second-rate. It is very often that correct, on the face of it, decision is incorrect in the cut of primary purpose and, eventually, brings a damage.

Speed of making decision

The best time for a decision-making - it now! At least begin collection and analysis of necessary information. If needed, right now will call to the necessary people, or outline the plan of further actions with the concrete due date. In spite of the fact that deliberation of decision requires some time however, tightening here is much worse, than haste. In most cases a tightening of decision results in complete inactivity.

Bring up in yourself wisdom and decision!

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