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Seneca   "It is needed to manage money,
but not to serve to them..."

Why do the poor people become poorer, and the rich grow rich?

In an order to answer this question at first it is necessary to understand the following: money depreciates, and prices grow. In some state this process moves faster, in some more slowly, but it is inevitable. It is happened first of all because new money is printed quicker, than commodity mass grows that must provides these money. It is named inflation.

The poor people become poorer, and the rich grow rich

So, for an ordinary man, during all life, the rates of salary’s height never outstrip inflation rates. Exactly it is reason of life’s low level of majority of population our country. In fact for us an ordinary rate of inflation is 10 and higher percents in a year. Otherwise speaking, you get all less and less amount of money every year. Certainly, this process is smoothed a bit or by a height in position, or increase of raise for a time-in-service, or by other factors. But on the whole, in order that the standard of your living remained former, majority from us needs or more work, or search the additional sources of profit.

It concerns not only ordinary employee, with middle the level of sufficiency, but also outwardly very solvent people that aim to correspond to their «status». However even they are forced to work growingly. It takes place that is why all of them operate under a standard chart: did some work - got paying for work - spent. Thus spent money for the purpose, that require on the maintenance everything new and new money expenses, additional personal labour (for example, a new ablaze car requires enormous permanent investments - travelling collection, fuel, insurance, and quite often and payments for a credit).

And for really rich people chart of earning, or more precisely, receipts of money another. Here iy is: did some work - got paying for work - inlaid in acquisition of sources of additional profit - again got money from the new sources of profit - and already the articles of luxury are acquired and served on them. Exactly presence of sources of additional profit, not requiring the personal participation (passive profit) and distinguishes rich people from all other. For rich people the profit’s height outstrips the inflation’s rate. It is happened by two reasons. First - many sources of passive profit with the inflation’s height (id est prices) also begin to bring the greater amount of money. As an example it is possible to examine paying for handing over in the lease of apartments or percent from every sold book (if you are an author or copyright owner). Second reason - rich people have much more time on the search of new sources of passive profit, because they do not work (agree, actually difference in thinking of the having a good sleep resting and unhaving a good sleep tired out man is simply enormous).

So, main reason why the poor people become poorer, and the rich grow rich, it is the rich spend money on acquisition of sources of passive profit at first (it is named - investments), and only then on themself. The poor people act conversely. In the total, for rich people «status» things are a result of their high passive profit. And at poor people such things - are a burden that needs to be constantly fed by the money earned the personal labour.

Except possibility to buy pleasing things, it is not necessary to underestimate the presence of spare time also. Our life is too short, to sit years long in a stuffy office. It is much better to spend time with family or friends.

Thoughtful, what type of people do you belong to? What do you buy? Is a new car in credit, that will drive you on work long years, or little apartment that plan to lease out and get money not working?

To be or not to be rich - depends only on you.

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