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Books. Invest in yourself.

It may seem strange, but the books are one of the most attractive investment of available funds. Do not believe me? Well, let's look in more detail what the book really is.


Have you noticed that many of the wealthy people have a library in their house? And moreover, the rich read these books. Not short-lived magazine, not a yellow tabloid press, no brochures in mailboxes, namely books.

This is because the books are the quintessential age-old wisdom of humanity. Each book contains someone else's thoughts, and thus someone's experience. Experience the great writer, the experience of the great scientist or thinker. Finally, the experience of the great rich man ... And the man, reading the book, gets concentrated foreign experience, spending on its purchase not ten years of his life, but a few days, and perhaps hours.
          You can draw a parallel with the well-known folk wisdom "Time - money".

Books are very useful for creative professionals. Writers, artists, poets, actors, copywriters, web designers and programmers (and they also work creatively) often lack of new experiences for their work. And after reading each new book in the head is born a sea of new ideas that can only be used in the work. Ideas are – the same money!

In addition, the books are banal enrich your vocabulary, that is, though indirect, but still an advantage over the other people on the treadmill called life.

Competently articulate your needs and desires, competently defend your point of view, finally, the ability to talk to the girl and to achieve the desired result - all of these become much easier when you have a large vocabulary and the ability to use it. Books are - an indispensable tool in all of this.

You may ask: Where do we get so much free time to read at least a pair of books a month?
          To start a lot and effectively read your first book should be a book on the technique of speed reading.

The common man reads at 250 words per minute. But having mastered the technique of speed reading, this value can be tripled. Individuals can read at a speed of 1,000 words per minute, while digesting the whole of the material presented in the book. What to do, modern life is so fast that you have to either adapt to it, or to remain on the sidelines.

In any case, a systematic reading person always has more ideas on how to improve his life (including the financial aspect) and is able to find a much wider range of means to achieve them, than a person who does not make friends with books.

Think about it.

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