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Voltaire   "There never are large businesses
without large difficulties… "

What does mix to attain success us?

What does mix to attain success us? Why millions of people do not even try to change their life? An answer for this question consists in the following: each of us, since birth, gradually forge chains. By the chains of public opinion, responsibility before someone, education, religious persuasions, codes of conduct and many other, converting once a free man into the tired out limited creature forced to live on a beforehand certain scenario. And exactly these chains mix to be us rich and free. Mix to dream and operate.

To attain success - realizable!

Some of these chains we are able to see, and on some being at the level of subconsciousness people can specify only us already getting rid from them. Here these chains:

There are external circumstances. Family is needed to be fed, comfort’s level you got used, payments for credits, shortage of time and forces. All of it, it seems, quite impossibly to change.

But it is not so. It is possible to change all, simply for this purpose most people do not have the courage. It is possible to give up a credit car, it is possible to shorten payments for building services in three times, it is possible to begin to feed on healthy food and to pay for it in two times smaller, it is possible to get dressed in second-hand, it is possible to give preference to not popular Turkey or Egypt, but to inexpensive rest in the home country. All is possible…

Advice: find a courage for changes in yourself. Glance in the future. The clock’s pointers of your life always go in reverse direction, counting off time to the end. And in your future that you did not decide to change today - nothing good is present. So why does not to try? Why does not to take chance to become a rich, free and happy man? Be brave.

Public opinion behaves to the rich people with the handsome stake of hatred and spite. Surprisingly, but until now a rich man is considered a thief or swindler in our country. And if such man heretofore does not work by the sweat of one’s brow, then necessarily he becomes the object of the unprejudiced utterances behind his back, felt by black envy.

Advice: do not be afraid of envious persons, do not be afraid of hatred and spite. Communicate with people that are glad to your aspirations, to your successes and that aspire to greater. And leave the propagandists of «correct» life and envious persons in that bog where they are. They will never succeed to attain success and will not known gladness of victory.

Scepticism of friends and acquaintances that tell you about you nothing turned out at the last time and nothing will turn out in it. That it is needed to give up your unavailing attempts and live as all. That only units becomes rich. That you are not Bill Gates or Roman Abramovich...
         You must admit that similar statements sometimes in periods of failures score off above your will and you are ready to surrender.

Advice: listen attentively to yourself: Do you feel spite? Sporting spite! Flame is inwardly. Desire is to win and prove. Memorize this feeling and more often remember him. Spite and desire of victory can be very good motivation for you. Only a flaming desire and passion will show out you on the comb of success. Only those, who listens themselves and feeling only - win! And sceptics so continue to ache, doing nothing. Their opinion go for nothing. A winner you will become sooner or later, but not they.

Dread of failures. Many people take a false step from the cherished aim, slip and falling down on a way to it. Many so remain to lie from fear again to fall down. But allow: is it really possible to learn to ride a bicycle never falling off him?

Advice: fight with your fear. Do fear the ally, be afraid of not failures, but your present life : without the ray of a sun, without gladness, without the personal and financial freedom and out of cashs.

Operate. Operate persistently and insistingly. Operate listening only yourself and heeding to advices of more successful people. Do not lose a faith in the ability to attain success. And during all the way remember that in an order to have what you never had, needed to do that, whatever you never did.

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