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Shoes for the child. Is it possible the savings?

First steps baby always cause the parents sincere delight and joy. Child moves to the next stage of the research world, now he - Homo erectus. But, at the same time with joy, and there is another headache: what to put on a little restless. After all, how comfortable shoes will depend formation gait and correct lifting baby feet, and from this, in turn, depends on the health of his feet throughout life.

Shoes for the child

So how does choose the right shoes for the child? How does to reconcile the irreconcilable: to find the shoes not fantastically expensive, but quality? To answer this question, you first need to understand what shoe fits kids. And why.

Guidelines for choosing the first shoes for young children of our orthopedic and Western differ dramatically.

If our medicine still recommends shoes with hard soles on the obligatory small heels and orthopedic insole, Western doctors argue that proper formation of a child's foot such shoes only hinder. Moreover, it can cause problems in the future, up to flat feet, club foot baby and other irregularities.

Here is when need to think of the economy. Because treatment of these defects robs parents not only time but also money. So, today, buying shoes, suitable for a child, you will save money in the future.

As recent studies, the most proper shoes for the first steps of a baby shoes with soft soles that protects feet from exposure and prevent foot learn to properly move when walking. These shoes in any case should not hamper the movement of the baby, push or squeeze the leg.
          Ideal in this case, booties, cheshek type, with non-slip soft sole, comfortable shape, with soft, supportive leg gums.

Later, when the child masters the space of an apartment, you can publish it to walking on the street. Outdoor shoes for your child, the recommended podiatrists, little different from home: no arch support, heels, rigid structure. The only difference – is the sole, which, for all its gentleness, to withstand walking on asphalt tracks, most often – it is polyurethane.

However, what are we see on the shelves of children's shops? Shoes, which provided in them, are not in compliance with leading orthopedic world. The mere presence of arch support negates all attempts to form a proper children's feet walking, and after all instep is the leading cause of flat feet in the future. Domestic or Chinese children's shoes in most of our stores – are stiff, hard back cover, so even with a questionable design.

If we look at the children's shoes from leading European manufacturers represented in our country (Ecco, etc.), we note that the cost of such shoes is often equal to the cost of shoes for adults. Thus, even in the stock shop quality children's shoes will not succeed to buy cheaper than 30-40 dollars. A child grows out of shoes in one season.

The output here can be only one - search of second-hand shoes. For particularly squeamish reported that child leg does not sweat does not smell, and therefore, no hygiene problems and odors in second-hand shoes can not be.

A second-hand children's shoes can be found at friends, relatives and acquaintances who already have children. Another option – is a second-hand shop. There you for ridiculous money easily find quality children's shoes of famous European and American manufacturers.

If second-hand you do not like, try looking for shoes for a child in stock shop during sales. Occasionally there across the model at a good price and with a normal design.

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