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Plan expenses on a car (part 1)

This article is intended who plans to acquire the first car and tries to count how many car’s exploitation will cost him. Unfortunately, only not many buyers estimate car’s upkeep costs adequately, and, quite often, through six months/a year after its purchase, a black motor-car hole which all of free money go away to appears in the personal or domestic budget of motor-car enthusiast.

Expenses on a car

In order that a car delivered gladness, but not disappointment, offer to you to weigh the financial possibilities TO but not after the purchase of auto.

The list of expenses on a car, which exploitation of your ferrous friend will be impossible without, is below resulted:


Be ready, that a car with the volume of engine a 1,5 – 1,6 liter will expend from seven to ten liters of fuel on 100 kilometers (how to reduce the expense of fuel read here).

Car’s maintenance

A new car requires systematic maintenance. Periodicity maintenance can depend on the car’s mileage or from time of its exploitation. Get to know the cost of maintenance for the car’s salespeople. For an orientation will make an example with Daewoo Lanos 1,6: till your Daewoo will pass 50 thousands of km it will must you pass 5-6 maintenances to a total value of more than 800 dollars (prices are indicated on the end of 2009).

Car’s insurance

Here charges strongly depend on the type of insurance. If you buy a car in credit, you will have to acquire KASKO – complex insurance of motor transport risks. KASKO involves the car’s insurance protecting from most risk factors (hijacking, fire, traffic accident, etc.), insurance of Your civil responsibility before the third persons, and also insurance of driver and passengers accident during a stay in the insured car. The cost of package of KASKO is great – it varies from 4 to 12 percents the cost of your car in a year.
         If you acquire a car without the use of debt funds, you are enough to purchase the package of OSAGO.
         OSAGO is obligatory insurance of civil liability of autoproprietors. OSAGO foresees car’s insurance providing the compensation of harm, caused life, health and/or property of the third persons as a result of traffic accident during vehicle’s exploitation. On repair of your car this type of insurance does not defray costs. The cost of OSAGO for Kiev makes 40-50 dollars in a year.

Parking place

Taking into account that storage of car on the guarded parking place is one of obligatory conditions KASKO’s contract of insurance, prepare to lay out for the parking place of your auto from fifty to one hundred dollars in a month.


If you hope to wash a car only handwritten – not seduced. After first-second time you will understand that in city terms it very tiresome and time-of-flight occupation. The cost of services in the capital autowashings is varied from 8 dollars for the simple hand washing of passenger car to 25 dollars for the complex washing of off-highway vehicle.

To be continued...

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