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Plan expenses on a car (part 2)

We continue our list of expenses on car’s maintenance.


It is carried out one time per two years. At passing of checkup be ready to pay the cost of coupon about passing of checkup - from 3 (cardboard) to 15 (plastic) dollars for a coupon, services of service center – depending on the exposed disrepairs, receipt of medical certificate about the carried out medical examination – depending on a policlinic 20-40 dollars.

Car’s maintenance

In addition, in the period of checkup’s passing you must pay a transport collection which is paid one time in two years. The cost of a transport collection depends on the volume of engine’s cylinders and date of issue of your car. For an example will bring a new car over with the volume of engine a 1,6 litre: the rate of a transport collection for a year for it will make 0,75 dollar from each 100 cubic cm, that general sum which must be paid for two years will make hardly more than 20 dollars.

For the car of already former in the use (to 8 years) rate there will be already 0,95 dollar for a 100 cubic cm of engine’s volume.

Tyre assembling

For a year you will have to visit a tyre assembling minimum twice: in transition from winter to summer rubber and back. For each car’s «changing shoes» at the end of 2009 on tyre assembling asked for 20 dollars.

Purchase of autocosmetology and technological liquids

Even if you not going to rub the car the special beeswax, you however will have to buy some autochemistry. For example, liquid for washing of glasses and liquid for cooling of engine. The range of their prices and expense is so wide, that to define financial expenses on them – difficultly.

So, in an order to count the real upkeep of your car costs for a month you must adhere to the following algorithm:
         1. Calculate your supposed mileage for a month and, coming from findings, sum, necessary on the purchase of fuel.
         2. Using the supposed mileage, calculate a sum which will be expended by you on car’s maintenance for a year and on the average for a month.
         3. Calculate average monthly expenses on car’s insurance.
         4. Calculate average monthly expenses on auto’s checkup, transport collection and your physical examination.
         5. Not forget to count up the cost of parking place for a month.
         6. You will plug the annual cost of tyre assembling in calculations (for comfort calculate an average monthly index).
         7. Also endeavour to count expenses on acquisition of technological liquids, autocosmetology and autochemistry.
         8. You will lay down everything that turned out and be sad.

Take into account that sum which turned out for you does not consider possible breakages of car, fines from traffic police and purchase of additional equipment (suddenly you will want new titanic disks or radio-recorder).

In replacements you will get complete freedom of movement practically in any weather and day part.

Now that you know in what approximately car’s maintenance will cost, you will be able to accept the self-weighted decision about if you permit yourself it or not.

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