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First step to success

Millions of people all over the world dream to be healthy, rich, darling, respected, famous, in a word - successful. But from all this crowd only units achieve at their dream. Why does take place so?

First step to success

Wonderful winning in a lottery, rich parents, native talent - all of it we will cast aside, because to authentic success it has no relation. A truly successful man always does himself, passing a long way before the triumph.

There is one old Chinese wisdom: «Way in thousand miles is always begun with the first step».
          In spite of the fact that way to the put aim at all oneself, beginning it always identical: change of the primary persuasions. This is the the same first step to success about which we will talk further.

Let us consider more detailed, what such persuasions we need to change to begin to achieve assigned task.

Do you know that on statistics every child under age ten years on every twenty questions and requests will get eighteen negative answers? And whether you noticed that in modern mass medias and Internet from all news does the stake of negative make more than 90 percents? And, finally, another scientific fact: a human brain approximately in 15 times better memorizes not successes and achievements, but misses and errors.
          What does all of it talk about? About that our persuasions are based on a negative from the earliest childhood. Will not turn out, will not go out, and suddenly all will go not so... There are just those persuasions getting rid from which man begins to think and operate quite other.

How is it possible to reconstruct the thought in positive way? There are a few methods:

Firstly, begin to read books and memoirs of rich and successful people which achieved a success thanks to a perseverance and persistence. Raymond Albert «Ray» Kroc (founder of network McDonalds), Henry Ford, Adam Opel, Charles Spencer «Charlie» Chaplin, Steve Jobs finally. All of them thought as winners, but not as unlucky persons.

Secondly, lead the personal diary in which accent the special attention on the little and large achievements. Every day look through a diary, you subconsciously will begin to reconstruct the reason from a statement «all badly» on «I can do well».

Thirdly, stop to listen those people, who ever can boast no personal victories in this life. If a man nothing attain, then what does a value his advices and reflections can have on a theme success?

And, finally, you will stop to read all those negative news, which flow like water from the screens of televisions and pages of newspapers! All that you need, it is the specialized information, touching a that sphere in which you decided to succeed directly.

Little time will pass, and you will be surprised, as far as your thought changed, and at the same time, you will see, as far as became for you unbearable people which remained on other side of barricades. Which search not possibility, and excuse. Which do not live, but exist.

Change of pole of your persuasions from minus on plus and there is that first step thousandkilometre’s way which you will be pass. But this step to success - most important!

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