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Time effect on our life

Well, first in life a man felt importance of time as early as childhood. Expectation of father from work or too long lesson is at school - all of it compels a child sharply to feel every passing minute.

Next time, inexorable time effect on the life, our strongly growing up child will feel deeply in that moment when he being already a twentyeight-year fellow will understand that he no longer wants red cabriolet, and it is desirable minivan for journeys on nature with his family. It was before desirable, now - no. As the saying goes - «a spoon is good to dinner».

Time effect

The pair of years will pass yet and he will see by the example of other people all further course of life to death : work, education of children, pension, grandchildren. Do you remember how about it is said in a movie «Moscow disbelieves tears»?

- In fact all it is beforehand known! At first there will be money to accumulate on television, then on a washing-machine, then will be bought a refrigerator. All as in Gosplan it is scheduled on 20 year forward. Deafly as in a tank!

Unfortunately, at most people life differs nothing from the scenario of famous film: almost all life is work-work-work. And dreams so remain might-have-been for lack of money or for lack of time.

The nearer man to old age, the more painful to realize him, that pointer of clock, provided to be, counts off not time from his birth, but time to death. To death of his aspirations and desires.

But there is another way. Those people, who found it, who found in theirself forces and desire to go on it, already in 30-35years are engaged to they’s liking. Someone travels on Europe on a motor cycle, someone is engaged in diving on tropical islands, someone storms Everest, and someone simply the other day long lies in a hammock in the country (as the article’s author does). But before they succeeded to attain success, each of them wanted it. As the saying goes «Who wants - that can». It’s not so difficult as seems.

First try to answer yourself honestly on next questions:
          How did your today's decisions and actions change, if you knew that the desired pension would never be?
          How will you act if you will know that in Russia mean man’s lifetime makes just 59 years, and retirement age – 60 years (which it is planned to raise to 62th)?
          It turns out that many people will not simply live so long to the pension and account on it doesn't cost anything.
          Moreover, those people who will live so long to the declining years, more than 50 percents their pension payments will be forced to spend on a feed, payment of building services and medicine (many people already feel destructive influence of time on their health in 40-45 years).
          Sad prospect, does not it?

And operating is necessary already today. Not year, not month, but today. Remember that every your day, every hour leaves irretrievably. And than quicker you will begin to change the life, the more than time for you it will be to enjoy it.

If you do not know from what to begin - we will prompt. Take a two-week holiday at your's own expense and rest.

The working habitants of megalopolises from the chronic time’s shortage and tiredness practically do not have the opportunity creatively to think. All about what they think it is the work and current problems. How to hand over a quarterly report, how to live so long to the weekend, salary, vacation, pension. All life flies so unnoticed.

Since you will rest, you will begin to understand, as far as thought of man differs in a state of permanent stress and in a state of rest, i.e. in a norm. One or two good motivational books, read on a fresh head, will allow to your reason to wake up and see all your potential possibilities. Will allow to define in what direction to do the first step.

If you do not want to be likened to millions of modern workers (read slaves) which the labour and time sacrifice to the proprietors of companies or politicians, doing them richer, it is necessary to start acting right now.

Do not forget, that time for everybody final. And all less than time becomes with every hour.

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