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Winston Churchill   "Already today to do about what
other will think tomorrow..."
Winston Churchill

Is it a dream? No, it is an aim!

I am sure many of you, dear readers, have a dream. Thus dream is fully material. For someone it, maybe, modern mobile telephone, for someone new car, and for someone out-of-town cottage. All of us dream about something. And did you think about when concretely your dream must come true? Or moreover: what events will it be carried out as a result of?

The goal setting is the first step to the dream!

Unfortunately, most people have unrealizable dreams in no way unconnected with reality fully. And consequently and their realization is unreal too. People really prefer not to think about they are expected through 5, 10, or 20 years. People as tortoises are afraid to stick out a head from the shell and give a glance a sober look over-the-horizon, subconsciously understanding that there is nothing good for them. Only sometimes, accompanying a look a by passing foreign car and looking after unconcerned merry people in it, an idea slips, that it is necessary to do something, to change something.

And did you never try to abandon the usual small world - the shell, and honestly to give a glance in the future? It is very useful, because the opened prospect to conduct lees of life working for pence your brain compels to work. You right now begin to understand that for realization of your dream it is needed or to work 28 clock in twenty-four hours on a stranger uncle or something cardinal to change. What does to change?

For a start simply transfer your ephemeral dreams from a category «dream» in a category «aim». It is done very simply: will estimate a dream in a money and temporal equivalent. In other words - work out an adequate financial plan on the nearest months or even years. Do you see? In order that a dream was carried out «car», it is needed 10 years to put aside money and leave off smoking. And for a dream is a «out-of-town cottage» - to have two lives.

A conclusion can be only one here: it will be enough to dream, it is time to put aims and begin to move in their direction. Did you decide to become thin? Today in the evening go in a gymnasium! Did you decide to purchase a car? Remember about such concept as an economy and begin to think of creation of profit’s new sources.

In an order to avoid the decadent ideas likeness: «And will turn out? And will it be? What if?» – it makes sense to set some gradation at times achievements of your aim-dream. Try to divide it into short-term (to three months), medium-term (to one year) and long-term (above one year). Only set realistic terms. This will help you more exactly to understand what and how to do. When a concrete aim is and the terms of it achievement are determined, remains only to operate.

Try also to develop constantly intellectually. Search new information and new impressions. It will allow to your brain to find the most rapid and effective methods of goal achievement. Only beginning to do something a new, communicate with new people, read new books, you will be able to wake up thinking.

Dream, make it yours aims, arrive at them. Wake up and operate!

One of the first and necessary steps to financial solvency, i.e. to your dream, is the strict accounting of the incomes and charges. Herein you will be helped by the checking system above the personal and domestic budget - "Domestic book-keeping on-line". Try. You will enjoy.

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