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Benjamin Franklin   "If you want to be rich, will learn
not only to earn but also be an economy…"
Benjamin Franklin

Is either less spend or more earn?

This ambiguous thesis actually is the formula of success many and many solvent people. Indeed it sounds little different of them: «Less spend and more earn». Do you catch a difference?

All salt of this expression some modified consists that money succeeded to be economized is not spent on yourself, they are spent on further development of business, otherwise speaking - on an investment.

Is either less spend or more earn?

If to make an effort apply a similar chart in more shallow scales, for example to the budget of the separately taken family, then it will not bad operate also.

We will give an example.

The head of family renounces smoking. The economized money at the end of month is spent not on a come in a restaurant, but on acquisition of energy-conserving lamps in an apartment. In the total, at the end of the second month family’s free money increase to the amount got from the decline of expenses on payment of electric power and economized due to refusal from smoking.

A next step can be acquisition on the economized money, for example, of the special nebulizers on bibcocks and in a month toilet tank with two modes of weathering (that will result in the considerable water’s economy).
         Yet every other couple of months - twotariff watthourmeter.
         Yet after a time - a quality domestic water’s filter to get rid from a necessity to acquire a butylative drinking-water.
         Et cetera.

In a year or two understanding with the most expense items budget’s domestic, it is possible to direct the freed money already on more serious aims: educating (different training, courses of raising the level of yours skill), advanced repayment of credits (if you have them), strengthening of family members’ health or in organization of own business.

Own business will open not only new prospects before you but also will put new tasks on maintenance of money and decline of expenses.

As in the case of family finances, so at the conduct of own business it is necessary to remember one simple rule: save your money in all terms! If you want some time to get rich - three times think before to make purchase, will estimate it potential profitability or economy (that almost the same). Every your purchase must, at least, not to bring additional charges to you, and it is better to be of the use as an economy of money, time or direct income.

Also will be not superfluous to learn to listen own judgements, but not opinion of unlucky acquaintances and friends that convinced themselves and convince all surrounding, that will not turn out to attain riches. To become rich or no decide only you!

Do not yield to gregarious instinct "Here other have plasma television, and I want. Let even in credit". It is psychology of most people. Poor majority. And decision to sell such television, to pay the receipt of new knowledge and free time for their application is thinking of man that never will feel needs in money.

Study less spend and more earn.

P.S. It is impossible yo learn less spend without the conduct of the detailed accounting of the incomes and charges. The checking system above the personal and domestic budget perfectly manages with it "Domestic book-keeping on-line". We very recommend!

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