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Ludwig van Beethoven   "The highest difference of man is a persistence
in overcoming of the most cruel obstacles..."
Ludwig van Beethoven

What does unite successful people?

What character trait does determine success person? What does the size of your bank account depend on? What does to do one people a successful minority, and other - by grey mass?

Someone will say a mind. Hardly. In fact worldly realities show to us a successful businessman - yesterday's mediocre pupil and former excellent pupil with a red diploma that works in an office right through life, becoming at best at position of department’s chief.

A persistence is foundation of success

Is a presence of start-up capital? Distressing statistics shows us, that 80 percents of all created enterprises go bankrupt during first-year of work, and their proprietors go back to work as the wageworkers.

Can there be success? But according to data of statistical researches, to win probability in a lottery large sum of money is considerably below than probability to be the killed thunderbolt.

Is a presence of some extraordinary mental or physical abilities? In some measure - yes, but it is, mainly, touches sportsmen and figures of art, cinema, music, but not ordinary citizens.

And what about inheritance left by a rich transatlantic relative? Again it is not that. 60 percents of heirs lose all inheritance during the first three years, and 20 percents - following five years.

American psychologist Angela Dakuort, specialized on research of solvent people’s life, found out that nine from ten modern rich folks that «did themselves», unites the presence of such character trait, as «persistence». On her determination «a persistence is ability to move to your aim regularly and during long time». The possessors of such quality considerably excel at life’s effectiveness of rich heirs and talented artists, and the gifted intellectual persons.

Exactly a persistence allows to the ordinary person to arrive at heights on chosen business, be that career, riches or any other area of activity.

It is possible to bring as an example of persistence, for example, a beginning writer over, that writes for a few pages of text every day (including holidays and weekend), while his most friends, relatives, acquaintances, repeat over and over again in one voice, that he does not to attain the heights of Pushkin and Lermontov, that it is unavailing waste of time, that it is better to go to «normal» work and in general to «be as all».

If to give a glance on this situation outside, then it is possible to see that while surrounding «normal» people by decades only talk profusely what correctly, and what is no, the same beginning writer, EVERY DAY, step by step, approaches to his aim, to his dream. This is a persistence.

And what type of people do you belong to? To the persistent winners or grey mass of «normal» people?

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