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The personal diary is a good help

Speech will go, certainly, not about a school diary, but about a personal diary.

Life of modern man is so difficult and many-sided, that for a day at each of us many thousand numbers, facts, reflections, desires, appearances, sweep over in a head. Many live as robots: got up - dressed - arrived on work - arrived from work, had dinner and lay down to sleep. And so day after a day, from year to year. And even if in the head of the tired worker or manager the spark of bold eccentric and perspective idea will flash about is needed to change something, it here will bury under the hail of grey domestic thoughts.

The personal diary

So, in order that similar ideas did not drop off, lead yourself the personal diary. And every bold on your own idea – write down. Would not mix to whip off the pair of kilograms? Or would it be desirable to make an attempt diving in Turkey? Write down! And differently, you will go back to these ideas in a year, or can be later.

A record of the desires is the first stage of diary’s note. First and very important.

The next stage is an analysis of desires. Analysis of desires – it is already more interesting. In fact, laying out on shelves your ideas about a necessity to whip off superfluous weight - we convert a dream into a concrete purpose. It is necessary to begin a race, adhere to the diet, et cetera. Registering in a diary concrete aims, we already, in fact, start acting. And the good beginning is half the work.

Further destiny of the personal diary will be already disciplinary. Daily writing down all of the achievements and filling in marks on the contrary the already executed tasks you discipline yourself. And this is important. It is important to run back not thousand four hundred meters, but exactly one and a half kilometers today. It is important to conduct not five from six planned meetings, but all six. Such conduct is reside people’s majority, and it is named «cutting a corner». So – not cut a corner. Execute everything that was planned. Educate yourself and temper the will. And the note of the personal diary will help you herein.

After some time, can be over the months, and can be years (depending on the scales of the before assigned tasks), you will open an old diary on a top page and will be quite sincerely surprised the achievements. And you will feel not only a surprise but also desire of further growth. And another destiny of the personal diary consists herein – motivational. There are pride, satisfaction by yourself, awareness of your real possibilities - all of influences on new victories over yourself and on the subjugation of new tops.

Before you will begin to note the personal diary, will memorize a few important moments:

- you will set on your own governed to write in a diary daily. Whether you watch after the personal sporting results or simply expound the ideas – do it systematic. Count the note of diary the miniature copy of your large vital businesses;
          - to everything, that you will write down in a diary, belong in earnest enough. In fact information, expounded in it, IAE, will influence on acceptance of your further decisions;
          - at the note of diary be honest before by yourself. All of your thoughts, results, ideas – must be objective. In an order to make a faithful annual report, must basic data also be faithful, does not it?
          - be not afraid to dream on the pages of diary. Picture of sporting cabriolet or house on the Canary Islands - are the best motivation!

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