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The "real" work is in numbers and facts (part 1)

The half of twenty-four (read: half of life) hours a working man conducts, engaging in unloved business and being in uncomfortable for him terms (if certainly he is a not programmer of company Google).

Here it is - the real work!

Most megalopolises’ habitants, reaching to the workplace and back home, spend on a passage about 2-3 o’clock in twenty-four hours. It is undifficult to count up that unavailing and unpleasant time’s waste on a public transport makes more than 10 percents of all day's time.

The expenses by implication related to providing of labour activity frequently make to 20 percents of official profit of office workers lower and middle link (regular dinners, payment for passage, payments in a «slate-club», office clothes, «contribution» for birthday and other memorable dates employees, expenses on celebration of the «holidays» et cetera).

In obedience to the results of statistical researches worked full time employees have no more than one hour in twenty-four hours for a communication with their own children. In the total, education of children is engaged not parents, but television and court companies.

Doctors assert that every third office worker has problems with a back that is expressed in «lumbago» and heaving up pains in the different departments of backbone. Except illnesses of locomotorium, office workers in several times more often freelancers and unemployed persons acquire such professional diseases as a paropsis, piles, prostatitis for men, obesity, high blood pressure.

Workers being all day long in the closed apartments feel the permanent shortage of sunlight, and accordingly and vitamin’s D deficit. It results in weakening of immunity and promotes probability of cancer tumours’ formation in one’s turn.

Questioning conducted in Russia showed that about 60 percents of employees and workers systematic have not getting enough sleep of fixed 7-9 hours. And meantime, regular not getting enough sleeps result in high blood pressure and promote the risk of origin of cardiovascular diseases.

From data of United Nations work accidents and professional diseases in the whole world kill people more than drugs and swizzles together.

The "real" work bravely can be examined as a modern form of slavery, when a slave himself offers to slaveholder. Thoughtful above it.

To be continued...

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