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The "real" work is in numbers and facts (part 2)

So, if the first part of this article you did not convince to be thoughtful about expedience of the forced work on a «stranger uncle», then we continue.

If you consider, that working for 12-14 o’clock in twenty-four hours and earning DECENT money, you «soon» will become happy - you are wrong.

Much to work – it is bad!

Recently scale research (ten of thousands of persons is in thirty countries of the world) was conducted dependence of level of satisfaction by life from purchaser ability of population. And that turned out:

Appeared, that in the most \"poor\" countries level of satisfaction really straight depended life on the level of purchaser ability of population. It is not surprising, because it is difficult to be content with life, feeding one time in a day and testing difficulties in the purchase of clothes for the child.

However for the habitants of more rich developing countries, the level of the personal happiness in any way did not depend on purchaser ability. Id est after that, as a man satisfied the vital food requirements, clothes and accommodation, money stop to act part \"catalyst of happiness\". Other vital values go out on the stage.

Listen to yourself, are you maybe in short supply something other except money? Public confession, spare time for socializing with family, health?

Here it is a bit facts about influence of the forced work on a health:

British Medical Magazine found out that systematic stress situations in the workplace more than in two times increase probability to die of different cardiovascular diseases.

Later the government medical agency of England conducted researches, which confirmed that for people working more than forty six hours in a week, the risk of development of diseases of vessels and heart increases in two times.

United Nations also did not go round attention negative work’s influence on a man. From data of this organization, more than two million persons in a year perish from industrial accidents or professional diseases. If to compare this number to the human losses in all wars of humanity, since first world, then it will turn out that people perishes more from work than from wars in two times (700 thousand persons in a year).

And in a conclusion the most evident example. As a result of the medical and social researches conducted in the USA a few years back, it is set that a hard work can be compared to the pick twenty three kilograms of overweight or by an increase to your age of thirty years of life.

It is the best motivation to begin to work on yourself, isn’t it?

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