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Benjamin Franklin   "Errors containing some grain
of truth, most dangerous..."
Adam Smith

Your salary... And Yours?

I was discharged from very famous company in the center of city. After a couple of months I found much less prestige work not far from a house. A salary is almost in two times less than than former. And now I can spend considerably more on yourself. Paradox? Not quite.

Your salary

Everybody worker even one time in his life has a question «where does money go?» As though I get wages nothing short, I do not play games, and I’m not alcoholic, and there is however small money.

Principal reason of such paradox consists in that a man considers the complete sum of the got wages by «himself». And he spends on himself good if half from it.

Very exactly Robert Toru Kiyosaki described this situation in his book «The Poor dad, the Rich dad». Such working man can be compared to the burro, which pulls a cart and runs after the carrot suspended on a stick before his muzzle by a driver. And he hurries so year by year - whole life.

If to shift this parable in modern way, that will turn out that: a man lives, rides every day on work (for example in an office), has dinner in a dining-room, gets wages. Seems nothing special takes place. But it is not quite so. We will scrutinize more intent.

In many large cities in an order to get to the working place it is needed to change two types of transport and to pay passage in each. In the morning in one side, in the evening in reverse.
         A dinner-time comes. Very many office workers go to eat in the company’s dining-room or any other one located not far away - certainly not free of charge.
         And on a weekend this office worker goes in a shop to buy to himself trousers or shirt. Dress-code, you know.
         It is yet possible to add the systematic «collecting» on other’s birthdays, holidays and other «measures».

It turns out in the total, that the third of salary (and sometimes and half) is spent on expenses connected with providing of the most labour activity. And a desirable «carrot» (rest on tropical islands, new car or house) remains inaccessible. In fact for swingeing majority of workers, the rates of height of salary will never pass the rates of rising in price of foods, clothes, and life.

Try to sit down and count up, what sum from the got wages you can name by yours? And yet in equalization add the time expended in passage in other end of city and early getting up. As you see, your salary - only half yours.

Maybe crisis and not such bad thing...

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