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Violators of financial calmness

- That is all! Today the first number and I begin to plan the expenses and to save. A part just received salary will set aside on fare, a part on a desired blouse which already a month hangs in clothing store, a little bit of money – for a mother. Not to forget to give the debt of Alina, in fact I decided to live on my money, but not on lent. And everything else – will set aside in a single envelope on the future. Ouch, quite forgot Iren’s birthday, it in a week after all. And in two weeks at Sergey, my cousin. And it is needed to hand over a money on the teacher’s name-days in an institute. What is it on earth? For my «envelope of the future» nothing remained at all. All money went away for birthday and «payments» in an institute.

There is not a money – there is not a financial calmness!

Acquainted situation, is not true? As practice and experience of our site’s readers shows, for many of them expenses for birthday, collections in schools, institutes, at work frequently make 15-20 percents from a monthly profit. And will consent, it is a lot. All of those money, which they would either expend in themselves or set aside on the future, leave «to nowhere». And speech does not already go about effective planning of the budget.

Certainly, there are measures on which to spend a money or simply pleasantly or it is necessary. For example, mother’s birthday or severe teacher’s birthday in an institute.
         But most days of births is absolute unnecessary personally for you measures, which take away not only a money but also time. Both are too valuable

resources, that thoughtlessly to expend them.

How to avoid similar unplanned, and main, optional spending? There are a few methods:

You will show fantasy. Even if you until now a lot of years congratulated of gifts one or another « accidental » acquaintances, leave this habit. You will learn a poem, unusual congratulation or song and beautifully declaim /sing to his person celebrating his the name-day. Trust, if congratulation will be indeed unusual, absence of financial gift will notice nobody. And you will keep in a financial plus.

Be inventive. Very many people can be given not cheap knick-knackeries which will be forgotten right now, but something, done by the hands. It can be unique beautiful home-made postal from the improvised materials, little window plants, which you grow specially for such cases, elegantly done origami, home baking or fruit and green-stuffs raised on an own vegetable garden.

Be thrifty. Not unseal gifts which gave a present you other people and which objectively do not need you. A little bit of time will pass, and all of those gifts can be make a present again. Here a few examples of similar presents: alcohol, beautiful pens, tea-sets, glasses, towels, bed sets et cetera.

As you see, there is a great number of methods to avoid the money spending at congratulation acquaintances and relatives. And it is – just that you need. In fact every dollar is economized today, tomorrow will transform in ten, and the day after tomorrow in one hundred.

- How good all turned out. To Iren we prepared the whole dramatizing appearance in verses with friends. She straight reddened from pleasure. A cousin Sergey, which was 9 years old, until now tries to open out a that bird-origami from the large sheet of red cardboard, and a teacher, as child, was glad a blossom cactus which I gave a present him on his name-days. And finally a money appeared in my «envelope of the future».

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