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My attitude toward time

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Do you know what case from the real life suggeste an idea to me, that time is the greatest value a man has that?

When I was a government worker one of our colleague had born a child. First-born. Such gladness in family and all that... So young father told that he could choose time on a contact with his son just one hour on week-days (we worked to eight-nine evening), a few hours on Saturday and half of day on Sunday (first half on Sunday he had sleep out, because on Saturdays we worked to five evening).

There is an appropriate question: does the those several hundred dollars cost even one o'clock of valuable contact with your children? And who will bring up a son at such behavior of parents? Is a television with his murders and sex? Is court companies with their smoking, alcohol and mate? Is a school with its narcotic?

My own experience occurs yet. I had such period at work, when all employees worked from eight morning to ten evening. Emergency job in general. Incessant. In that summer I did not have occasion to swim in the river. I do not talk about vacation at the seaside.

All these moments accumulating change man’s opinion what is more important: money or spare time. And the live longer, the more meaning becomes exactly presence of spare time.

What for to you money, if you can spend it with pleasure only 24 days in a year (during vacation)? And it is possible to enjoy blue sky, a beach with hot sand and aroma of the coniferous forest every day. And it is not needed money for all. Unless on the pair sandwiches.

Think about it.

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