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While the car is very hard to call the acquisition cost, but there are times when it is absolutely necessary (eg you have several children, you live in the suburbs or have your own business). If you are car owners, this section will be very helpful for you, because the car is an ongoing cost (and considerable). We'll show how to minimize these costs.

Fuel saving

The main item of expenditure on the car, of course, is the purchase of fuel. Below you can read about how to save fuel.

Ways of fuel saving

The most obvious and accessible way of fuel saving is to reduce the weight of the vehicle during operation. After all, the easier it will be your car, the less fuel it will consume. Reliably estimated that every 100 pounds of weight to your car is consumed about 160 gallons of gasoline per year (at a distance run of about 20-25 thousand kilometers).

Frequently check the pressure in the tires of the wheels. Be careful especially in summer to ride not fully inflated tires, as this increases fuel consumption. Depending on the level not fully inflated tires fuel consumption may increase by 5-7 percent of normal.

Use of air conditioning in the car can increase fuel consumption by 10-12 per cent. This is especially noticeable on cars with small engine capacity. By the way, tinted glass helps reduce the need for air conditioning, that is toning has not only aesthetic value, but also indirectly leads to fuel saving.

Another affordable way of fuel saving is calm and balanced driving. In other words, try to control your car, so that as little as possible to brake and accelerate (eg keep a greater distance to front of the car) because acceleration requires increased fuel consumption. Also do not forget to change gear in time (optimal RPM range should be specified in the instructions to the vehicle), it also helps fuel saving.

Empirically set the speed at which your car spends the least amount of fuel. Adhere to it. – Nikolai sent

When driving at speeds over 60 miles per hour keep the windows closed the car door, so open windows degrade aerodynamics and improve fuel consumption. Also on the performance drag vetroviki negative impact on the glass, handicraft mounted spoiler, roof rack.

Freshly washed car itself has a much lower coefficient of drag than a dirty one. And if the car has a special polished car wax, then when driving in dry weather, fuel saving can be up to 5-10 percent. - Sergey sent

When traveling in several vehicles do not neglect such a way of fuel saving, as following of the car in front at a short distance (20-30 meters). The leader of the column of air and cuts the flow driven cars, due to movement in the discharged air, spend far less fuel. – Sergey sent

Change the engine air filter in time. A dirty filter can undermine all your efforts fuel saving.

Do not neglect to check the camber and toe, because of this factor strongly depends on fuel consumption. For example, at an angle of toe + 5 degrees, the engine will need to spend three times as much power for the rotation of the wheel (what kind of fuel saving then can there be?).

Check the condition of the spark plugs in the engine of your car. From their proper setting depends on the fuel consumption. As a radical example is the fact that one idle spark plug can increase fuel consumption by 15-25 per cent.

Installation of gas equipment for petrol car also gives very good fuel economy. Moreover, the purchase a fixed amount of gas in the cards during his seasonal cheaper. The only caveat: install gas equipment for professionals, so you protect yourself and your car. - Sergey sent

Another detail on gas if you have a large daily mileage (for example, you are running a taxi or freight), it makes sense to look at the methane, which is significantly less widespread propane. True, there are methane and serious drawback: it is charged under a pressure of 250 atmospheres special alloy steel gas cylinders, which are themselves quite bulky and heavy. - Sergey sent from Riazan

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