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Ludwig van Beethoven’s biography

Ludwig van Beethoven was born at the end of 1770 in German city Bonn. The Ludwig’s musical career was predefined beforehand, because his father and grandfather were singers in court choir. The boy’s father dreamed to make out of son a composer that would not yield to on popularity Mocart, and taught him to playing the different musical instruments. However the Ludwig’s achievements on this walk of life did not shine and a father turned his educating to his friends.

Ludwig van Beethoven

A composer Chistian Gotlib Nefer became the first serious teacher of Beethoven. Exactly he recognized the real talent in a boy. Under guidance Nefer Beethoven in 20 years old will publish the first musical composition.

In connection with the tight material situation of family Ludwig is forced to give up school and, after mother’s death in 1787, he undertakes the burden of family’s head. There are youngest brothers on his care. Beethoven finds work in an orchestra as a viola player and in 2 years begins to visit lectures in an university, where he is noticed by the glorified composer Haydn.

In an order to have the opportunity to get lesson for Haydn, at the end of 1792 Beethoven sets forth to Vienna. However, beginning lessons, a teacher and student are disappointed in each other. After a while Haydn passes to Beethoven the acquainted teacher Albrehtsberger.

Under his guidance Beethoven acquires enormous popularity as a virtuoso of playing the piano.

After a few years of life in Vienna, Ludwig van Beethoven’s compositions begin to be published by the wide drawings and to use large popularity. In this period a composer writes three concerts and twenty sonatas for fortepiano, eight violin sonatas, great number of other compositions. Among them are such famous creations as First and Second symphonies, and also ballet «Creation of Prometheus».

In 26 years old Beethoven is begin problems with a rumor. Reason is inflammation of internal ear that moreover undesirable for a composer, that causes a permanent tingle. He is secluded in a small town Hiligenshtadt where and he writes the Third symphony.

In a period from 1802 to 1812 Beethoven creates opera «Fidelio» and some other works, many of that become his visiting-cards: the Lunar sonata, Ninth symphony and Solemn mass.

In spite of deafness, Beethoven was vividly interested in political life of country and felt free to offer it, at times superfluously brave point of view, on one or another actions of government, not at all fearing pursuits and repressions that began after the defeat of Mille-feuille and establishment of the hard constabulary mode in Austria.

He reads the different authors’ scores of operas, among them the special attention spares to works of the German composer of Veber with him meets during his arrival to Vienna.

The health of Beethoven gets worse, and, eventually, the heavy disease of liver of March, 26, 1827 results in death of great composer. More than 20 thousand persons gathered on his funerals.

Ludwig van Beethoven has plenty of students the most known from them: Teresa Brunswick, Stephen Braning, Ferdinand Res, Carl Nielli and Doroty Artman.

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