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Winston Churchill’s biography

Winston Churchill was born on November, 30, 1874 in family of the British politician, lord Randolf Spenser-Churchill, being the descendant of famous Marlboro’s duke.

The complete name is Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill.

Winston Churchill

The basic landmarks of life’s course of Winston Churchill are given below:

1894-1899 – he is a military correspondent on Cuba (exactly there he conceived a liking to the cigars), in India and Sudan.

1899-1915 – he is a member of commons’ house, minister of trade and industry, minister for internal affairs, First Lord of Admiralty.

1915-1917 - as a result of a few failure operations of interallied troops in First World war, to that Winston Churchill had a direct relation being the member of government, he goes away to retirement and, in чине of colonel, leaves on front to manage the Scottish battalion.

1917-1929 - a return to England. He is a minister of armaments, secretary of war, secretary of the air force, minister in matters of colonies, chancellor of treasury.

1929-1939 - as a result of defeat on elections of conservative party, the member of it was Churchill, he goes away to retirement and 10 years carries on literary activity.

1939-1945 - on September, 13, 1939 British Concord enters into Second World war. In the same day Winston Churchill gets suggestion to lead British Admiralty, and only in 8 months he becomes an emergency prime minister.

1945-1951 years - by the end of the War economic problems are intensifyed in Britain, driving back on the second plan soldiery and it becomes reason of defeat of conservatives’ party on elections in May, 1945. Churchill tenders resignation. Following 6 years he works on his memoirs.

1951-1955 - in spite of worsening of Churchill’s health he again becomes a prime minister in age 77. This last setting is in Winston Churchill‘s biography. In 1953 the Nobel prize is appropriated him on literature and is granted the Lord’s title.

1955-1964 - after retirement from the post of premier in 1955 Winston Churchill lives in solitude, continuing to engage in literature and gradually going out.

On January, 24, 1965 Winston Churchill dies in age 90.

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