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Saving on buying clothes and shoes

Most of us are forced to spend on clothes and shoes a significant part of their profit, and the question of "How does save money on buying clothes?", for the average family is very important.

Buying clothes

Those clothes are gone that were not worn out for years, remaining attractive at the same time. The cause rapid wear out of clothing (and hence the need for its frequent purchasing) is that today's producers are not interested in creating long-lasting wear, as it inhibits the growth of sales volumes and lower profits.

But even now there is a beautiful, durable, and fantastically expensive clothes and shoes. And often, it is not promoted European brands, but domestic, Russian, Belarussian and Ukrainian enterprises.

If you still want to buy something special, "overseas", then about buying clothes and shoes famous brands should think about during seasonal sales. Discounts on clothes and shoes in this period may reach 70-80 percent.

And do not be lazy to ride in a few shops or markets. It is the fact that in one place one thing costs a certain number, the other could cost twice cheaper. Time spent searching for the right things you are compensate with usury significant saving when buying clothes!

When searching for a new sheepskin coat, consider all possible options. On the Internet there are special forums and websites that host ads for buying and selling of clothing second-hand. But we do not suggest you buy sheepskin coat second-hand, we suggest you to try to sell your old one. Its cost will be around 10 to 30 percent of the original, which will already be a good help to your budget. - Victoria sent

As for buying clothes and shoes for children, it can get from friends or acquaintances for free! Ask around, find out. May be a crib and a stroller can get a third of the cost. - Victoria sent

And to reduce the wearability of clothing and shoes we would like to divide with you a few secrets.

Wearing and caring for clothes and shoes

Any clothing (except sweaters, shirts and jogging suits) should be stored on hangers.

Footwear should be regularly cleaned of dust and dirt. If it is shoes, it is necessary to regularly lubricate them cream (if it is rain, might every day).

Footwear and clothing (especially business suits) should "rest." I.e., you need to spend money to purchase two or three outfits for the same case (for example, for work) that to wear them in turn. Then the clothes and shoes will have time to recover its shape and completely dry out. This will greatly extend their lifespan.

All of us have repeatedly had to throw by reason of one torn sock (sleeve), and second, intact. But in this case there is a trick. Get immediately a dozen pairs of socks (sleeves). Thus they can be complete - torn replace the intact of the new couple. In the end, you only have to throw one last torn sock, and not half of the total purchased. - Vlad sent

Men's shirts can be worn not just one or two seasons, on condition to regular care for them. We want to warn you of mistake that even a new shirt can ruin two or three weeks. Do not let the shirt be indelible more than five days (maximum six). If you look farther, to wash off dirt accumulated on the collar of a shirt would be extremely difficult (remember how it gets dirty after a day). - Guest from Peter sent

Particular attention is needed clothing made of wool. Many of us are faced with the fact that, for example, a sweater by the end of the first season of wearing becomes quite unsightly. And every season has to buy a new one. And it is 40-80 dollars per year. The main reason for the loss of sweater "commodity" type is its wrong washing. Jersey should be washed only in cool water, and only by hands, without any twists. The sweater can not be twist in any case. It needs to be overcome by hand, spread, and put to dry on a flat surface. A day about to turn it. This washing will prolong the sweater’s life twice or three times, and therefore your costs for the purchase of clothing will be reduced.

By the way, this applies to most raglans, blouses and even T-shirts.

It is often happened that new jeans, not yet having to wear out, so dirty at the bottom of the inside of the leg (near the shoes), that they can not wash off. In order to disguise the derivable dark spots, rub the edges with a piece of dried white soap. - Namika sent from Perm

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