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Electrical energy saving

The highest electricity expenditures in the apartment, account for software operation: electric stove, washing machine, refrigerator, iron, and, oddly enough, a desktop computer. And consequently, tips for saving electric energy by using these and other household appliances are essential in efforts to reduce the monthly expenditures of utilities.

Lamp for electrical energy saving

Household appliances

Do not place the refrigerator near the stove or heating panels, and do not put warm food in it. Failure to do so would needlessly increase the expenditures of electricity due to hard work fridge. - ZHEKA32 sent

Do not forget that the icing on the walls of the refrigerator and freezer also increase electricity expenditures by 15-20 percent. - LisA sent

An effective method of saving electrical energy when using the washing machine is to reduce the frequency of washes. In many families, machine washable on a daily basis, and erased, basically, shirts and underwear. In other words, one hour per day, 5 days a week, the machine runs almost dry.

As an option: get the missing couple of shirts and wash all that is necessary for one or two times a week. Bottom line: the expenditures of electricity will drop to wash four times (water, by the way, too). - Irina from Kiev sent

If you still have to wash every day (eg you have a small child), in the presence two tariff electricity meter, do not forget to use the "delayed wash" to erase the night on the minimum rate. - Albina sent from Tatarstan

When using the washing machine keep in mind that reducing the temperature and duration of the cycle (short program) also reduce the expenditures of electricity. And the difference the quality of washing you most likely do not feel!

For owners of electric stoves: for something to boil 1 liter of water in the kettle, you need two times less energy than if you boiled water on the electric stove. That is, it makes sense, before cooking, boil the right amount of water in the kettle, then pour the water into a saucepan on the stove. This is not only significant energy saving, but also your time.

At the same time it is not necessary to boil half a liter of water in the kettle, if you want to drink a cup of coffee. Boil as much as you need. - Ira30 sent from St. Petersburg

In matters of cost reduction of electricity or gas by boiling the water can go even further. For example, to start using a large capacity thermos. Boil water once a day, poured into a thermos, and use. Electrical energy saving is obvious. - Vladimir sent

Electronic Devices

One of the little-known and effective ways electrical energy saving is the habit of removing the plug of household electronic appliances from the wall outlet, even after they turn off the button On / Off. Most of the devices continue to expend a certain amount of power even in standby mode (extended table of costs of electricity appliances are in standby mode).

Computer. For information: the average computer for an hour consumes 350 watts. That is, as 3-4 100-watts bulbs. And desktop computers work in some around the clock (which does not correspond to fulfill our task of electrical energy saving). Set a rule - leaving your computer for more than 20 minutes, turn it into "sleep mode". This is equivalent to switching off lighting in two rooms (because you shut down a light).

During the CD / DVD drive in your PC or laptop power consumption PC power supply is significantly greater. Avoid watching movies or listening to music directly from CDs. Copy the files in the computer memory and run them from there. - Andy sent from Lviv


Significant electrical energy saving can be achieved by upgrading and proper use of lights in your apartment. For example:

Proper area lighting

- gradually to replace incandescent bulbs to energy efficient in the apartment. The costs of electricity for lighting will be reduced at least three to five times;

- learn to maximize zone lighting your apartments and houses. What is it? These are the table lamps, bedside lamps, wall sconces and floor lamps. That is, light sources that illuminate only part of the room. For example, when you read it is not necessarily turn on large chandelier 3 lights for 100-watts, enough desktop or bedside lamp with a lamp in the 40-60 watts, which in itself will give significant electrical energy saving. - limon sent

- LED strip can be used as background and local lighting. One 16-meter strip can make two medium rooms or 4 zones to work. Energy consumption will be herewith 80 W, i.e. like a small bulb. - Ruslan sent

Try to make maximum use of natural lighting in your home. It's enough to push in the evening curtains and tulle, regularly wash the windows and not to force the window sills and balconies anything. Another point: the widespread use of mirrors in the apartment will reduce the surface area, the light-absorbing.

Also note the color of your wallpaper. A room with light wallpaper requires fewer light sources than the dark. If the design stage or repair to take into account this factor, in the long term, significant saving will in the money.


Think about purchasing two tariff electric meter, which can achieve significant electrical energy saving by allowing the use of night and day rates for its consumption, which is much more favorable to popular average fare. - LoveJoy sent

Check your cast iron pans. Snuff at the bottom of a frying increases the amount of electricity needed to heat it to 30-50 percent. - KAT77 sent from Energodar

If you are using all sorts of heaters in winter, and you have usual windows, the windows are quite a good warm. The need for additional heating drastically reduced, and thus will decrease and the expenditures electrical energy.

The financial expenditures electrical energy are not just about paying bills, but also in the purchase of conventional batteries. If you regularly use electronic devices running on batteries, you know how often they have to buy it. The solution to this problem is the purchase of rechargeable batteries and charger. They cost not much, but will pay off very quickly.

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