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Example of the personal financial plan (MD.Denisov)

Hello. In this article I want to be divided the experience of personal financial management. I will make a reservation at once, that does not apply on the rank of champion in a nomination "Personal finances", but hope that the example of the personal financial plan presented below will be a meaningful contribution to the general money-box of wisdom.

Begin to make the personal financial plan

I am 30 years old, live in town Kiev (I take off an apartment), married, work as an engineer-designer.

Polish the system of the financial planning and account 7 years. In this example speech will go about a management facilities got one time per a month as a salary.

The system passed 3 stages:

1. Neat account - when I simply fixed all of the charges from a moment the receipt of salary and began to see clearly where a money leave.

2. Planning of charges. Working and fulfilling the financial plan.
         Since the general structure of charges became clear, I beginnings to systematize them on the articles. It enabled to work out a first financial plan on a future month and begin its implementation.

3. Capitalization is the stage of planning of charges + accumulation of financial resources for financial growth.

I did all in an order to be not likened to the heroes of that old joke: "Third year I eat in the same restaurant, and think where does a money leave?"

Here the articles of expense, which I foresee in the monthly budget:

Investing (in liabilities, assets and in myself)

Health and stomatology
          Maintenance of physical form
          Vacations, journeys on rest
          Vocational training (books, seminars, trainings)
          Force-majeure circumstances
          Capitalization of resources (deposits and etc)

Obligatory spending (on possibility to minimize)

          Leasings payments
          Communal payments
          Connection, internet
          Fare is in a public transport
          Economic belongings

Personal expenses (on possibility to minimize)

Entertainments, artistic books, disks, newspapers, magazines
          Gifts, decorations, festive measures
          Clothes, shoes (bought one time per a quarter)
          Dinners in the workplace (tea, sugar, bananas, sweetness, sandwiches)
          Expenses on a motor scooter (stand and fuel)

Extraordinary expenses

Other (minimum expenses)

Charges register in a mobile telephone in ordinary report, enter charges right after a purchase on the articles.

I note planning in Excel - 2-3 times per a month. After the receipt of salary open a file- logbook, add a new sheet (new month) and convey optimization in obedience to my vital plans on the nearest month.

I lay out money on envelopes-articles. For payment of necessary services and products I led the special purse with registers, in registers inserted the special colored delimiters and signed them a marker on the necessary items of expenses.

At the purchase of necessary commodities I take money from a register intended for these charges. The similar system disciplines and enables confidently and comfort to feel during a month and includes all of necessary charges (including unforeseen).

That is all actually.

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