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The paradox of our time is that today the selection of low-cost power leads not only to win the money, but also in health.

So, the basic rules of useful saving on food:


Buying foodstuffs

Do not buy semi-finished goods and sweets, and such foods that were popular in the days of our grandmothers - cereals, seasonal vegetables, meat (not salami or sausage).

When buying foodstuffs in supermarkets, give preference to goods in soft pack or that you can buy by weight. Such as coffee in a tin or glass jar will be more expensive than the same coffee in a paper bag. Or bread in cellophane packaging is significantly more expensive than by weight. The same goes for cookies and some other products.

One of the tricks marketers supermarket shelves is price segmentation, which goods lie. Those products whose manufacturers are shelled out for placing their products on the middle shelf, cost more than the food of the same quality, located on the upper and lower shelves. - Simply sent

Do not neglect such an effective method of saving, like buying food hoard. Of course we are talking about those products that can be stored for a long time (six months or longer). There is such as sugar, tea, spices, cereals, canned goods, pasta, etc. Saving shows, first, that when purchasing products by weight you pay a lower price for them, and secondly, because the foodstuffs is constantly becoming more expensive. And you, in fact, will use the products at the price valid at the time of purchase.

In order to achieve even greater saving when buying foodstuffs, try to "play" on the seasonal price fluctuations. There is such as sugar. Everyone knows that sugar is going up in the conservation period (July-August) of about 15-20%. But by mid-autumn it becomes again cheaper. That's when he and worth buying. This rule is true not only in terms of sugar but some other food. Do not neglect it. - Ryabinin Igor Sent

Minimize purchase very expensive and very useless products - chips, candy bars, etc. The use of these "inventions of civilization" is incompatible with health, or with the concept of saving food.

Refuse to purchase all kinds of soft drinks, packaged juices (which actually are not juice) and ice tea. Prefer compote of seasonal fruits. For the money you pay for a two-liter package of "juice", you can purchase any seasonal fruit and cook from them three times more compote. - Hostess sent from Moscow When going to the store or to the market, do not forget to bring a bag from home, and sometimes two. There is no need every time buying food to add to their value and the value of the new package.

Necessarily to make a list of products that you need. On the one hand you do not forget to buy anything and the other - do not take anything extra. - Ulchic sent

Also, avoid going to the market and to the supermarket hungry. So you will save from the subconscious impulse buying unnecessary and extra food. Listen to your brain, not your stomach. - Ira sent

Snacks in between meals, the price is often much more expensive than a full meal at home. Moreover, even they are unprofitable. Rejecting the street daily cups of coffee and hot dogs, you can save per month on eating a substantial amount.

Vegetables, if it is possible, get on special vegetable markets, preferably by weight. There are two times cheaper there.

Curb your bad habits. Try to use less alcohol and smoking. It will save you a lot of money. Although alcohol is sold in grocery stores, it is not a foodstuff.

And finally, try to avoid situations like this, "went to the supermarket with a full purse money, came with a trolley chips, candy bars, beer, and no money. A week later, there was nothing to eat".

Remember, reasonable saving when buying foodstuffs not only your wallet, but also health (this is not surprising).

Use and storage of foodstuffs

Do not throw away stale bread. It can be used for a huge variety of dishes. And the breading will not have to buy.

The same goes for sour milk. Indeed, instead of buying a cottage cheese dubious quality grandmothers in underground passages, such cottage cheese very easy to do curd of sour milk. - Hostess sent from Moscow

If you have dried mustard, it can again make a fragrant and delicious. Just add a jar of mustard a tablespoon of vinegar and a pinch of salt. Close, trotted, and leave overnight. In the morning it will be like new. - Mila sent

Yesterday's porridge (almost any) can be an excellent basis for today's pancakes. It is necessary just add a little flour, baking soda, egg and milk. - Masha sent

As you can see, correct use and storage of food is an equally important aspect of saving money as, in fact, the purchase of the food.

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