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Benjamin Franklins biography

The famous American politician and scientific Benjamin Franklin was born on January, 17, 1706 in Boston, in having many children family (17 children) of soap maker of Dzhosai Franklin. Money was not enough in family and a boy could to complete only two school classes. Other knowledge he obtained independently from books.

Benjamin Franklin

In 12 years old Franklin goes to study to the printed trade to one of his senior brothers. Soon he studies all wisdoms of profession and becomes a highly printer.

In 1727 Benjamin Franklin founds an own printing-house in that he publishes the Pennsylvanian newspaper and Almanac of poor Richard long years.

Benjamin Franklin quickly grows in terms of personality development.
         In 1928 he comes forward the founder of debatable group of merchants and artisans that in 15 years will be regenerate in American philosophical society.

Members its societies, in future, will be select many visible scientists of that time.

In 1731 Benjamin Franklin founds the first public library in America, and in 1751 - the Philadelphian academy that after a while will be regenerate in the private Pennsylvanian university.

The rapid growth Franklins personal state and public confession brings about in 1737 Franklin is elected on position of Pennsylvanias postmaster, and after 16 years - and all North-American colonies.

In this period of life Franklin spares considerable attention to the scientific pretentious novelties, especially in area of the use of electricity. The most known from them are: invention of lightning-rod, explanation of principle of work of the Leyden jar, application of electric spark for the self-ignition of gunpowder. Also Franklin takes part in bathymetry, width and speed of Gulf-stream and gets a patent on the invention of rocking-chair.

In 1757 Franklin gets setting to London for defence of Pennsylvanias interests, in 1775 returning from it right here he is elected by a delegate 11 continental Congress, where accepts the direct participating in development of independences Declaration. It is reflected Franklins conception about such inalienable human rights as a right on life, on property and on freedom.

After congress Franklin once again is directed to France for realization of negotiations concerning financing of American revolutions needs.

In a two years after return to America, in 1787, eighty-one-year-old Benjamin Franklin actively takes part in realization of Congress on the acceptance of American Constitution.

Benjamin Franklin died on April, 17, 1790. On his funerals more than 20 thousand persons arrived from all ends of country.

As confession of Franklins achievements in the face of the American people, his portrait is represented on the hundred-dollar notes of FRS the USA.

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