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Your health is one of the most important objects of investment. In addition, treatment costs of various ailments are growing every year. So modern prevention of diseases (particularly age-related), and taking care of your own health will help you not only feel good, but also save your money (reduce your treatment costs of various diseases).

Buying drugs - the main item in the treatment costs

Disease prevention

The first step is to reduce treatment costs should be a set of measures to strengthen the immune system. It exactly is our best and absolutely free medicine. We do not offer the sponge oneself down with cold water or bathe in the hole. This is extreme. And to walk barefoot at home, every day for a walk in the fresh air and to eat an onion – is the best and free of disease prevention. Do not forget: less sick - less treatment costs.

By the way, the administrator of this site complies with these tips consistently and this year he did not sick neither flu nor SARS. And last year he did not too.

Particular attention should be paid out refusal of your bad habits. Try to calculate how much money you spend to buy cigarettes and beer, as well as the amount of the total treatment costs of opportunistic diseases, which might not be (ranging from colds and ending with peptic ulcer disease).

The cost of undermining your health and destroying the organism is enormous, is not it?

If you have any problems with the motivation of a healthy lifestyle and the above information about the potential treatment costs you are not persuaded, then watch films about the hidden influence of alcohol on the body, which are available on the Internet. Also, be sure to ask them to see your children. This will be a very effective and visual prevention alcohol.

Many people are weather-sensitive, that is, any weather change affect their health. It is expressed in most cases, the occurrence of headaches, and as a consequence, the necessity of taking pain medications that are becoming more expensive. But this situation can be changed. Remember the phrase: "Physical exercise - can replace many medications, but any medicine can not replace exercise." Let me explain: there is a headache because of the inability of vessels to adapt quickly to changes in atmospheric pressure. And 30 minutes of intense exercise a day after a few months will train your body and you will get rid of the need to regularly use aspirin, analgin, and other painkillers. Also overall health will improve, that the most positive impact on your health and purse (in the form of lower treatment costs and pain medication).

Reducing treatment costs

Today on TV advertised a lot of medications from a variety of ailments. But if you are sick, do not in a hurry to buy imported products advertised. Almost every one of them has a quality domestic analogue, which is two to three times cheaper. As an example, you can bring home Corvalol, which is three times cheaper than the much-touted German drug Valocordin, and has the same efficiency. Or Pancreatin, which though little known, but it is just as effective as expensive and famous Mezim Forte.

If you are interested in a significant reduction in treatment costs yourself and your family, you can look at the comparative table of foreign medications and their domestic counterparts, with indicative prices.

We hope that these recommendations to prevent disease and reduce treatment costs will help you to be rich and have a good health. But therein lies happiness, does not it?

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