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Hello. My name is Alex Chekmarev. Like many of you, dear readers, my wife and I really love the holidays. At that, very often we are not acting in the role of the guests, but the role of hosts. And the hosts of the holiday must to please guests as the perfect organization of the holiday, as well as an exquisite treat.

Holiday by clubbing together

The last point, unfortunately, requires not only a culinary talent chef (my wife in this role), but also considerable financial costs.

To avoid spending too much money to buy food, we had a few ideas on how to save on holiday treats. Of course, over time, some of them dropped out because of the impracticality, but some of the ideas have been very effective. And the most effective of them - grocery shopping by clubbing together.

So, is it possible to plan and spend the holiday as "excellent", and even save it? Yes, it is possible!

That's how I achieve economies of celebrating the New Year with my family.

1. A few days before the holiday, my wife and I sit down "talks" and on a blank sheet of paper write down people who want to invite to the New Year.

2. Call up all those whom we intend to invite. Sometimes it happens that the person we would like to see at the banquet table, the other plans. Or is it already somewhere invited. Following the invitation of calls we correct the guest list. Cross out someone, someone adds.

3. Then we refine the culinary preferences of each guest and write the name of the ordered dishes opposite the names of the guests. This is important because often some dishes is eaten visitors in the first minutes of the meal, and some the contrary - are released intact after a few days.

4. Draw up a common list of products that are needed to prepare festive dishes. Sign, what foods and in what quantity we need to buy.

5. Then we go to the wholesale product base and guided us made up a list, buy everything need for a holiday. Here, by the way, we buy an alcohol.
          Naturally, we get volume discounts based on the purchased product.

6. The amount of the check, we divide by the number of guests equally. Thus, we will compensate ourselves money spent. Of course, we are also making ourselves on the guest list, ie the sum of the check divide the same on us.

Thus, with a clear list of guests and required products, we are able to celebrate the New Year well by clubbing together for little money. There are wonderful memories after the holidays, the smell of champagne, tangerines... and money in the wallet.

Try it and you do it this way. I am convinced that the amount of money you will save will be a great New Year's surprise for you!

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