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Today commonly used detergent and sponge with hand washing dishes.

The TV has formed a stereotype in the beginning of the decade, though dishes are not washed without special detergent. Place kitchen cloths firmly taken small kitchen sponges from the supermarket, which are well-foamed detergents, which are also needed to buy.

Count household expenses

The secret is that the sponge without detergent, you really will never wash off plate of fat. A common kitchen cloth is easy to do. If you seem the cloth from normal tissue is a relic of the past, that it can be replaced with a micro fiber cloth. This high quality material cleans all surfaces (dishes, bath, etc.), is safe and easy to use. As a result, you get rid of the need to buy detergent for dishes and a sponge to it for life. Furthermore, according to recent studies, the detergent from the dishes had not washed off completely (including sponge).

That is, it systematically gets in your food and in your body.

Know when purchasing a vacuum cleaner that the power indicated on the vacuum cleaner - this is not the suction power, but electricity consumption per hour. Real effectiveness of vacuum cleaners and lower mid-market depends primarily on the brush, but not on the power consumption. - TehnomasterUA sent

When buying a washing powder, try to calculate how much it will cost you one kilogram of powder when you buy it in 450 gram box or purchase a 20-kilogram bag. The difference in price when you buy a large quantity of powder, depending on the name of the powder will fluctuate down a half to two times. - Alexander S. sent

When cleaning the polished furniture no need to buy special polishes (eg "Pronto"). This task is not worse cope tea left on the bottom of the teapot. Remainder of tea is needed to drain and wrapped in cloth. Wipe furniture get a soiled bag, and then polish it with a clean cloth. The result will surprise you. And it is absolutely free.

Many homes built in the Soviet era, the apartments had originally pawned so-called "radio receiving station" - a kind of outlet for access to common antenna for radio reception. And payment for the presence of wired-radio usually lies in the amount of the monthly rent (and, hence, in your household expenses). However, if you do not need it, then you can opt from wired-radio. To do this, just write an application to the housing maintenance office. Do not pay for services you do not use.

Cable TV and telephone connection

Another article of household expenditure is a monthly fee for cable television and telephone services (fixed). Here are some ways to reduce these costs:

If you have a cable TV and you pay a monthly subscription fee, look at the satellite dish. The cost of such a satellite dish (with installation) will set you back somewhere in the last eighteen months the monthly fee for cable television. That is a satellite dish will pay a maximum of one year and a half. And all this you will have more than a hundred channels.

If the installation of a satellite dish is too costly event for you, the contract with the neighbors sharing one television cable into several apartments (with special splitters). So your expenses for payment of cable television will drop at least two times. - Ryabinin Igor sent

But the most radical way to reduce the cost of cable TV, a complete rejection of it. In our opinion, in the era of high-speed Internet, television (including cable TV) is not justified.

Reduce the cost of fixed telephone lines is very easy. However, now many operators CDMA communication offer significantly lower rates of urban connection. And they leave the city’s number. It makes sense to look at the proposals for such operators. For the record: every year in many major cities, the number of subscribers of fixed telephone communication has been steadily decreasing.

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