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Welcome to the site «Personal finances»!

From an author...

Before you will begin reading of pages of this site, I would like to acquaint you with some facts, knowledge of that, I hope, will render enormous influence on the choice of your further course (be you by a schoolboy, student, or even hired worker of pre-pension age) of life.

So, do you know that through the hands of every employee the more than one hundred thousand dollars pass only as a salary for 40 years seniority? At overwhelming majority from these money practically nothing remains to the pension!

What would you say that the average pension in Russia in 2011 amounted to $ 250, and in Ukraine - $ 150? How do you consider, will this sum have you for subsistence, payment of building services and purchase of medications? Hardly...

I already do not talk about that many people ten of years engage in work they dislikes and give their time and health to other people or state.

Not so long ago I made decision to change the life - to work only on myself. Two years ago I retired from the last job.

Certainly, without the permanent source of profit, I had fully to revise the attitude toward the personal finances. Reduction of spending, economy on everything, fear of the personal bankruptcy... All of it was.

What did I attain for the past time? While little, but I have already salary that got working «on an uncle».

Certainly, I am a not millionaire. To me all it is also necessary on something to save, hardly to plan the charges and watch spendings. But here duration of my labour day is one hour or one and a half not nine o’clock in twenty-four hours.

This site is created in an order to help you, dear visitors, doing your life easer and pleasantly.

But the choice of further way remains after you!
Life by today.
Purchasing on of the articles
of luxury a credit.
Use credit card.
Economy and planning of the personal budget.
Refusal credits.
Low level of charges.
Price on goods and
services advance.
Debt on credits.
Increase of charges.
Height of profits
exceeding rate
of inflation.
You are managed
by employers, and by your
money are circumstances.
You are a modern slave.
from permanent work.
You have a sufficient amount
of money and manage
your life yourself.

Considerable part of the expounded information, there is the personal vital experience of visitors this site (especially divisions the devoted economies and planning), and if interesting thematic additions or clarifications will appear for you and you will want to impart to others, send them to me. I will necessarily publish them.

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