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Unconventional look at investing

This section deals with some unexpected forms of investing. But first, there is a little insight into the real world.

The basis of modern life (in the conventional sense of the word) is food, drinking water and, oddly enough, the oil used to produce more than half of all modern things. Consider all of these categories in more detail.

Food - too investee

Investing in foodstuffs

Despite the fact that we live in the 21st century, now more than 95 percent of the food is still grown on the ground. At the same time, the modern agribusiness is able to fully provide food only 3 billion people.

And given the ever-increasing rate of arable land’s degradation (12 million hectares per year become unsuitable for cultivation), only 2 billion people will be able to count on the normal food supply in 40 years. This is despite the fact that in many developed countries, the fertilizer and restore soil fertility is considered as one of the priorities of the national investment funds.

Drinking water

As for drinking water, the situation is even more deplorable. Over the past 100 years, the number of drinking water in recalculation on one person fell by almost 4 times. By 2030, the shortage of drinking water will experience some fifty countries (including Europe), with a combined population of more than 3 billion people. Incidentally, many forward-thinking investors and billionaires already perceived territory with lots of drinking water as one of the strategic investing of their money.

Blood of the economy – is oil

Not far off the offensive scale energy crisis due to the depletion of oil reserves.

To date, one of the most profitable investment types is the purchase of oil. The popularity of this investment type due to the fact that the daily global oil consumption is 5 times the rate of its detection in the new fields. Moreover, at present almost peaked "energy cost" of oil. This means that the exploration and production of oil consumed as much energy as their fuel has already been achieved. That is, the further production of fossil fuels (especially oil and gas) is meaningless.

To sum up the above, it is clear that our generation will witness and, as it is not sad, participants collapse the existing economic system. Certainly, any banks and pension funds (public or private) will not be able to provide a decent life in old age for all people in the long term.

With the start of full-scale economic and energy crisis, traditional investment types, credits, the entire system of commodity-money relations - will sink into oblivion.

After 25-30 years of success rate will not be a new car and a vacation on a tropical island, but the ability to obtain sufficient food and drinking water (which is now not available to all).

Perhaps it is for someone to be a surprise, but today, the most loyal and reliable investment types in the long term are an investment in the health, knowledge, skills (how many of the citizens are able to lay bricks or grow vegetables today?), Real estate, and to buy the own piece of land for the cultivation of vegetables and self-sufficiency other foodstuffs.

But the main object of investing – are our children (the more them, the better). Who, if not they, will take care of us in old age? Do not have to rely to the State in matters of pensions even today.

Of all the currently available investment types, choose those that are most relevant and productive in terms of economic, energy and food crisis.

Dispose of your profit wisely today to live in prosperity tomorrow.

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