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In modern society every year all more attention is spared the concept of motivation. And it is no wonder. In fact motivation in all vital situations is a first-ever step. Exactly with it is begun the series of actions and events that change human life in one or another it aspect.


Do you wish to get prestige, well paid work? If yes, you do, then this desire is nothing but motivation to entering institution of higher learning, study of all subtleties of future profession and adjusting of necessary connections yet during educating. Or, maybe, you firmly decided to obtain the favour of that cute girl that every morning visits a beach not far away, but your beer stomach brings to nothing all attempts. Here the desire of acquaintance with a girl comes forward motivation to the daily doing sports, diet and refusal from the use alcoholic.

As you see, man never does nothing without some motive.

Many readers can reasonably ask: What about those moments when a man operates not own wish but under constraint? Actually and there is certain motivation in this situation. But, unlike two already made examples, it is not positive, but negative. For example, hateful routine work is very often executed from fear to get a good telling-off from a chief (in one or another form). In this case fear of punishment comes forward motivation.

Effective use of motivation

It is needed to say that motivation is a very powerful weapon for everybody. Learning to manage motivation and to trust it, a man will learn to win himself. Here it will be appropriate to remember old Chinese wisdom: win over yourself, and able to win over the whole world. If to apply this saying to the modern world of money, that winning fear, the laziness and indecision, sooner or later a man will be able to attain financial prosperity and abundance.

How does to use motivation in own interests? In fact it is not enough say to yourself: «I want to have enough money». Here is some secret. Break up the basic motivational desire on more little causes.

We will consider a typical example.
          The ordinary tired out office worker, which thousands, dreams about riches. But in an order to decide on concrete actions, he needs to specify this dream about riches. This worker needs to think about that, how badly sedentary uninteresting work influences on his physical and psychical health. Thus similar reflections must be supported by concrete scientific facts and statistical letups. It is needed to think about the future beggarly pension, enormous expenses on a feed, building services and medications. Finally, it is useful simple to imagine the life as a line, that 60 percents is given in order to please the proprietor of company that this office worker works or to the state, if he is government agent.

How do you think? Will a man begin to operate after similar motivation? As experience of our readers shows - simply yes! Moreover, heretofore lazy and indecisive man, seeing that his efforts bring concrete results, often becomes a motive for his, the same hard to the move, comrades.

Most motivational reasons on our site are built just on principle of breaking up of basic motivational desire on more little concrete causes. And we would like, that these articles became for you, dear readers, by the first step on a way to financial success.

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