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Passive profit

The concept of passive profit in our country purchased a mass appeal after appearance on the counters of bookstores of creation of Robert Toru Kiyosaki «Poor dad, rich dad». Exactly in this book first all advantages of passive profit were easy to understand expounded in contrast to the generally accepted method of receipt money - daily labour.

Passive profit

If to remember terminology of times of the USSR, then between concepts «Unearned income» and a «passive profit» fully can be put equal sign, in fact a passive profit implies by itself the receipt of income in a long-term prospect exactly without the appendix of permanent efforts.

Here the most popular methods of receipt of passive profit at present:

- an income from handing over of apartments or lot lands in a lease;
          - an income from possession securities (actions, bonds);
          - an income from possession copyrights or intellectual ownership rights;
          - an income from the deposit holding;
          - an income from possession own business.

The last point of foregoing list can be considered the standard of passive profit only in two cases: either your business is managed by hired director-administrater or your business is built so that a wageworker is not required for a management, such to itself «business of one man».

Wide dissemination of the Internet and appearance of emoney gave an opportunity to create «business of one man» practically everyone and many people managed to take advantage of this possibility (among them and I am - a creator of site «Personal finances»).

The people who interested in business-literature know that practically all books about how to attain success and become a financially independent man, offer misty enough reflections with dissemination of motivational texts, wide of our Slavic realities. And concrete charts of construction of working money model - nobody exposes in general. I would like to correct it.

On the recently created site «Work in the Internet», I describe the personal experience of creation of money model that successfully functions and develops in detail. And if a site «Personal finances» is intended mainly for those, who only stands on the threshold of decision-making about beginning of own business, then «Work in the Internet» contains the concrete list of operating under creation of your little business. Your source of passive profit. And is it a not dream of everybody?

As the saying goes: «If you look for, you will find»…

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