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Planning is one of head stone of any undertaking, and, accordingly, is the major condition of it’s success.

It is accepted to divide a planning process on a few constituents. We will consider each of them in more detail.


Determination of aims and tasks

In beginning of planning process it is necessary expressly to designate aims which it is assumed to attain, and tasks which must be executed. It is here necessary to spare the special attention the division of aims on the degree of importance and, coming from such gradation, to make the further program of actions.

Study of situation

It is necessary to spare the most intent attention the study of those terms in which it will be necessary to fulfill the set plan.

It is special relevant in the field of business and finances, where the rules of game change almost daily.

Drafting of the actions’ program

Drafting of the actions’ program is that stage of planning, which in one or another measure knows all and its essence is clear. At the same time, it is examined majority in general as the unique constituent of planning. The few, engaged in planning, spares attention it next part - to the valuable search of resources (in our case financial).

Search of available resources and their sources

The search of available resources and their sources can be without an overstatement named the most important moment in all of planning process. In fact without resources (more frequent than all human, financial or intellectual) all of the planned measures objectively will not be able to be carried out.

In many cases it is necessary to begin a planning process exactly with the estimation of presence of resources which would be utilized for realization of the set aims.

Selection of performers

If for realization of plan is required participation of a few performers, their candidatures are comprehensively examined taking into account strong and weak sides each. After the detailed working of all of the planned measures, performers are informed about concrete tasks which coming them to execute.

On the whole, at planning of any measures it is necessary to stick to governed, accepted at soldiery: if any changes it admits on the stage of planning, as soon as a plan began to be made reality of any deviations from it - impossible.

Certainly, there are force-majeure circumstances. But also they, in most, can be foreseen even on the stage of planning. Especialy in the field of the personal finances.

P.S. By the way, who considers that life according to plan too boring and tedious, must know that swinging majority of successful people right through life live on a strict plan, in fact planning allows them to do the greater amount of businesses for less time. Remember about it.

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