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Description of the personal financial plan

For a maintenance and economy own financial resources you must systematic spare time description of the personal financial plan on a certain period, for example on a month, and strictly to watch after it implementation. We will prompt, how to do it correct.

Description of the personal financial plan

Description of financial plan

1. Endeavor to define the clear sum of your profit on a accounting period (month).

2. Expect your personal expenses on week-days and middle expenses on days off.

3. You will foresee for other obligatory spending (communal payments, mobile communication, birthdays friends/relatives, etc.).

4. You will foresee the certain sum of money for a “rainy day” or on some planned large purchase (certainly, stay in the scopes of your financial plan).

5. At description of the personal financial plan, necessarily will foresee «operative» reserve on a current month. This sum of money must be at you during a accounting period and must not be outlaid at no circumstances, except for unforeseen crisis situations.

Now a few principle moments which are called to provide fulfilling your financial plan:


You keep your money at home, in separate envelopes, each of them must correspond the certain item of expenses, stated higher.

Every evening you take from an envelope the sum of money foreseen the next day. No more!

On one's person, except for a sum on a current day, you must have the reserve planned on a month (foreseen p.5). It will help you in the case of unforeseen overrun.

Never take an advance in place of your direct-labour, not to cause temptation to spend a «unplanned» money.

To you not nearly necessarily to outlay your day's sum of money fully. Desirably even to make an effort to save part. It gives you additional funds which you can spend of own free will. So to speak, «out of plan».

And another advice. Try to spend a money on purchases not from the just got pay-envelope, but from that sum of money, which you succeeded to economize for the past month. At first, it stimulates you to the economy, and secondly, in the case of urgent situation on beginning of month for you on hands will appear not only that the got pay-envelope, and a money is economized for the past month.

We hope that following these simple advices, will help you to do the first step on a way to prosperity and material well-being.

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Example of the personal financial plan, sent one of our readers (MD.Denisov)

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