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Planning recreation

Agree that recreation is a necessity for every one of us and should not be neglected. And therefore some money, that you were able to save following our advices, spends for a rest. You deserve it!

Planning recreation

A few additions:

Take time to plan your holiday. Gather as much information as possible about the places you visit during your holiday, routes and timetables of transport, possible sites overnight and nutrition. Try to find out the price of housing, food and transportation. Select the most appropriate option for yourself.

Carefully think over what you should bring on the rest. Learn how to find a reasonable compromise between the weight of bags and necessary things.

When planning a vacation start from the concepts of efficiency and innovation, rather than the prestige of the location and type of holiday.

Often the "prestigious" rest is proving to be much more tedious and expensive than affordable and unusual (such as biking around Europe or hike in the mountains).

Take your leisure time during the holidays. This is, perhaps, not daily visit expensive club in the resort town but, for example, mini table tennis tournament today and tours the museums tomorrow.

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