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We bring to your attention a comparison table of foreign drugs and their domestic counterparts, with an indication of prices. Prices are approximate, shown in dollars and may differ in either direction, depending on the region. The task of the table is to show you the approximate difference in cost of drugs.

Use of the drugForeign productNative analog
NamePrice $NamePrice $
Pain medication (tablets)Nurofen4,3Ibuprofen0,14
Immunostimulants (tincture)Immunal4,5Echinacea tincture0,32
Antipyretic (tablets)Panadol0,87Paracetamol0,25
From the flu and colds (powder)Theraflu7,62Inflyunorm4,02
Improved digestion (tablets)Mezim Forte1,75Pancreatin0,68
Diarrhea (capsule)Imodium5,37Loperamide1,5
From bronchitis (syrup and capsules)Ambrobene3,5Ambroxol1,75
From allergies (pills)Claritin5,62Klarotadin2,95
Soothing (drops)Valocordin1,75Corvalol0,5
Muscle pain, tensionFastum gel4,5F-gel2,25
From herpesаAcyclic2,5Acyclovir1
Nausea, heaviness in the stomachMotilium10Motilak5,2
Obstruction of blood vessels (gel)Lioton7,5Trombless5
Cardiac arrhythmia (ampoules)Panangin3,5Asparcam2
Bronchitis, pneumonia (ampoules)Lasolvan9Mukolvan2
Cardiology (tablets)Preductal11Triduktan5,5
Arthritis, rheumatism (ampoules)Naklofen3,5Diclofenac1
Antispasmodic (tablets)No-Shpa2,5Drotaverine1,1

If you are a doctor and have information about medical drugs, which could complement the table, send them to us, do not be afraid :-). We are happy to publish them.

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