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Voltaire’s biography

Voltaire, or Fransua Mori Arue (Voltaire is an anagram from Arue, junior in French) borned on November, 21, 1694 in Paris in family of the French judge official. Initially, on father’s will Arue junior’s activity must was be concentrated in area of jurisprudence and right, however Voltaire chosen a poetry, history, publicism and literature himself.


In his young years a poet had time three times to visit the Bastille, first two times for satiric verses in the address of court’s prominent persons and third – for a conflict with a nobleman which ridiculed in public.

From 1726 to 1729 Voltaire lived in England, where he studied the system of state administration, science, achievements of the English philosophers and poets.

After returning to Paris, Voltaire again gets to the Bastille, for this time for the publication of the records, done in England (as a book of «Letters about Englishmen»).

After a while a poet escaped from France in Lotaringiya, where lives whole 11 years and engaged in creation. Exactly there he writes the poem the «Orlean virgin» and tragedies of «Al'zira, or Americans», «Society man».

Being the fervent opponent of religion, Voltaire included in a sharp conflict with a church, which forces him to abandon Lotaringiya and get over to Holland, and after a while a poet again goes to France, where he appointed a court historiographer. After 5 years of service at the French court, from a quarrel with the influential persons of court, the new train of moves begins for Voltaire:

- 1751 year – a poet moves to Berlin from which goes down in 2 years, discontenting by the king Frederic II money speculations and caricatures on the high-ranked officials of Academy of Mopertyui;

- 1753 year – Voltaire is settled in Switzerland, where acquires himself a few estates, ground areas and a few the workshops. In Switzerland a poet lives and works till about death, famous freedom of the looks and wide connections among European intelligentsia. One of his farmsteads – Ferney, was a place in which a great poet and philosopher accepted the prominent guests: monarchs of some countries, members of governments, philosophers, cultural and art workers.

And however to aged Voltaire was fated once again to see the motherland. Since Lui XV changes on a throne Lui XVI, a poet goes to Paris in which he is enthusiastically met by local intelligentsia. In France Voltaire works above a few works and engaged in processing of academic dictionary.

In 1778 the strongest pains of unknown origin, the source of which appears the cancer of prostate gland, begin to disturb Voltaire. It took away poet’s life of May, 30, 1778.

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