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Water saving is an integral part of a measures’ complex aimed at reducing the cost of utilities. Despite the fact that a total of monthly utility bills, water charges is only the third place after the electricity and rent, on an annualized amount obtained is still significant, and therefore, they should be reduced.

Water saving

Fortunately, with the proper approach, the amount you pay each month for the used water, it is actually reduced to two or even three times. And that's the way:

Saving water at home

We recommend restricting a shower instead of a bath to reduce water consumption. Water consumption in the bath will decrease approximately tripled.

Try to start using a plug for the sink basin.

This simple action will allow significant saving water when brushing your teeth and shaving.

Try to avoid drying of residue in the plates and pans. In fact, you will need a lot of water washing them. - Nikolai sent

Purchase and install a special spray nozzle of the "shower" on the faucet in the kitchen. By improving the efficiency of water consumption from washing dishes, you will be able to achieve a very significant water saving (for a comfortable wash will require less pressure). - Inga sent from Kiev

If you have a small family (up to 3 people) makes sense to install meters for hot and cold water. This will not only provide considerable water saving, but also make you more disciplined in the matter.

Set in a modern toilet cistern. It is not cost so much, but it allows you to adjust the water consumption depending on the need (liquid and solid stool).

When installing new plumbing in the apartment, including cranes, know that modern leverage mixers can achieve some water saving, compared to conventional. This happens due to a more rapid mixing of hot and cold water. That is the period of time between turning the tap and getting water the right temperature - decreases (respectively reduced unnecessary water consumption).

So the most effective way water saving is serviceable taps. After all, water jet slightly thicker matches per day pours out in 300-500 liters of water or half a cubic meter. For comparison, the water consumption (hot) per adult per month is about 4-5 cubic meters. So count.

Purchase water

We would like to say about the purchase bottled water. Despite the fact that the money spent on its purchase in no way related to utilities, it is still your money. And they can be saved too.

If your district or village has running water sources (wells, pump rooms, etc.), do not avoid from using them. First, you'll save money on the purchase of bottled water, and secondly, the water in these natural sources is often best most expensive table water in bottles.

In recent years, the market began to appear a variety of recycled water for the home. Their work is quite simple: the water is not used down the drain immediately and runs rough treatment and is used again in less critical areas of water supply. For example, after washing in water soul can be used to flush the toilet. However, we must admit that the recirculation system is more appropriate for the inhabitants of houses and mansions. In apartment its use is severely restricted. - Vitaliy Vovk sent

Also, do not forget the home water filters. What is more, if you can then give preference to not widely advertised jugs with replaceable cartridge filter, but an expensive household systems that designed for long term use. They filter the water level and the life of the order of magnitude higher than the cheap filter on the faucet or a pitcher. Water’s cost in a stationary home water filters is a much lower.

Water in the world

At the conclusion of the article would like to give a few facts for conscious people who are interested in not only their own wallet, but the fate of the world around us.

• Today, a third of humanity experiences difficulties with drinking water. And it is not only Africa and Asia, but some regions of the United States and the Mediterranean coast.

• There are already ghost towns in the United States of America left by people because of the lack of fresh water.

• Groundwater is being pumped at a rate several times higher than the rate of recovery in many countries.

• The number of people who will have limited access to fresh water will increase to 3 billion people in the years 2030-2035. Of course, this will serve as a pretext for the ignition of local armed conflicts over water sources.

Hopefully, armed with such knowledge and motivation, you will pay due attention to saving water in your home.

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